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CHC Agritech is a complete-service and biotech product distribution company. Aside from providing high quality probiotics products, it serves consultancy services specializing in complex, multi-discipline projects involving agriculture, aqua culture, poultry/livestock and other animal productions including solid and water waste management.

CHC Agritech provides professional services related to improving the productivity levels of the different food manufacturing, agro, agri, aqua productions and waste management industries by employing advanced Japanese probiotics technology. Our professionals are dedicated in delivering value through effective solutions that meet today’s food production and waste management challenges.

Today, there are five product lines that CHC Agritech is proud to have:

  1. CHC Agritech Probiotics – for poultry and livestock
  2. CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend – for plants, crops, and ornamentals
  3. CHC Agritech Aqualife – for aquaculture and water animals
  4. CHC Agritech Activator – as unique disinfectant and for solid and water waste management
  5. CHC Agritech MaxiGrow – foliar fertilizer for plants, crops, ornamentals, SNAP hydroponics, intensive hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics.

Probiotics are microorganisms that are non-pathogenic and is applied to a complex system or environment to enhance effectiveness, improve health and vitality in humans, animals, plants and the overall ecosystems including industrial activities.

Use of probiotics are in the fields of sewage treatment, industrial waste treatment, rehabilitation of polluted water bodies, remediation of soils contaminated with toxic wastes, treatment of solid waste, treatment of organic waste, odor control, oil/grease removal, organic horticulture, organic agriculture, aquaculture, animal production and many more.

We need probiotics because it is natural in form. The microorganisms classified as helpful or friendly does not cause disease to humans, animals, and plants. Unlike chemical or drug-based medications, probiotics do not destroy the natural microbiome on the organism. The protection of the probiotics works with the environment and with the organism it coexists. There is no resistance buildup unlike in drugs where pathogens adapt through time and somehow develops sub-strains, making it necessary to shift to a higher generation of drugs.

Dr. Tetsuo Kamekawa invented the CHC Agritech product lines. He was a Japanese national, a microbiologist and enzymologist. He settled in the Philippines to help Filipinos in agriculture and waste management. Studied in Ukiu Okinawa, Japan & Michigan State University. Dr. Kamekawa researched on endemic bacteria and other natural products of the Philippines resulting to the creation of several probiotic-based products now known as the CHC Agritech brands. He perfected the formula of what was considered the first ever discovery of enzyme in liquid form.

CHC Agritech Probiotics are nature’s army that constantly fights bad bacteria, making sure they suppress the bacteria that can cause diseases. Contains enzymes that ensures our animals’ digestive system make the most out of every food they eat.

A brand of CHC Agritech company for chicken and livestock use, CHC Agritech Probiotics contains bacteria, fungi, and enzymes that break down nutrients into simplest form. Carefully selected and cultured using advanced Japanese technology. CHC Agritech Probiotics is the perfect way to reduce or eliminate chemical intake and at the same time enhance feed conversion ratio and overall health of our animals.

No. CHC Agritech Probiotics is a preventive amelioration that makes animals healthier and decreases the chances of them getting sick. CHC Agritech Probiotics is a biological supplement intended to enhance immune modulation and boost immune system along with time. If animals get sick especially caused by immune deficiencies, the use probiotics is not recommended because the immune system is already compromised. Probiotics cannot help the sick animals because it is not a drug nor medicine. Always remember that disease prevention is way better than cure.

No. CHC Agritech Probiotics are completely safe to humans and animals because these microorganisms are not pathologic. In fact, most of the probiotics that are found in our food like in naturally preserved vegetables, fruits and dairy products are included in the CHC Agritech Probiotics formulation. Lactobacilli for example, one of the components of CHC Agritech Probiotics, is popularly manufactured by leading health drink company because of its established science-based health benefits.

The best time to use CHC Agritech Probiotics on chicken and other forms of livestock is during day old for chickens (or birds) and at parturition (birth-giving) in livestock. CHC Agritech Probiotics can be fed on chicks and be given to nursing mothers and off springs in the livestock to support their microbiome of good microbes. Highly recommended to be given on the first two weeks in their very early cycles.

CHC Agritech Activator is a brand of CHC Agritech company that is an all-natural, environment-safe solution to water and solid waste. CHC Agritech Activator has millions of microbes that work to deodorize and sanitize organic trashes.

CHC Agritech Activator is a mixture of non-pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi and molds. Contains a combination of aerobic, facultative microorganisms that produce enzymes that break down wastes in the water such as fats, starch, sugar and oil.

CHC Agritech Activator removes foul odor and neutralizes bad bacteria. CHC Agritech Activator is a powerful blend of microbes that can transform organic biodegradable wastes into nutrient rich compost. CHC Agritech Activator works well as a sanitizer as it is proven to eliminate pathogens such as E. Coli and Salmonella.

CHC Agritech Activator is effective on a specific stage on the flies’ growing cycle. CHC Agritech Activator decomposes the flies’ eggs and the early larva phase of the flies’ cycle. By doing so, flies will not further proliferate, controlling the population even before it multiplies. However, once the flies are flying, CHC Agritech Activator cannot kill the insect. The main objective of CHC Agritech Activator on flies is to make their environment inhospitable for laying eggs. By decomposing the freshly laden eggs and turning the organic medium from acidic to alkaline, proliferation of flies is avoided effectively.

No. CHC Agritech Activator is highly effective in safely decomposing waste and organic materials. However, this cannot be used in biogas production because some microorganisms in producing biogas may be neutralized by the product.

PROCEDURE 1 – When preparing the fishpond for a new batch, drain the pond water and spray CHC Agritech Activator inside the pond (ground and dike wall) using recommended rate. Leave pond for about a week to allow decomposition of organic matter at the same time elimination of harmful pathogens that may cause disease to newly introduced fries or stock.

If using chicken manure – Do PROCEDURE 1 but instead of resting the pond for one week, apply chicken manure on the 5th day and reapply CHC Agritech Activator on to manure. Rest pond for another 5 to 7 days. Fill pond with water to about 1 to 2 feet in depth. Apply CHC Agritech Aqualife then rest for another 5 to 7 days. This will allow natural flora and planktons too grow. Fill pond to maximum depth before introducing new stock or fries.

Note: Application of inorganic fertilizer can be skipped. Use only chicken manure that is dried (like dry soil texture). Never use fresh moist chicken manure.

After land combing and during soil pulverization/rotavation, CHC Agritech Activator can be applied to soil to achieve even distribution. Rest the soil after CHC Agritech Activator application for 5 to 7 days then apply CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend according to recommended rates.

You can use CHC Agritech Activator as cleaning and disinfecting agent in house and equipment, replacing chemical disinfectants that causes harm to both applicator and environment. CHC Agritech Activator can also be used as foot baths and as spray solution in critical control points of biosecurity system, in farm entry points, decontamination sheds, or for hand sprays. This gives extra protection to farms and other processing plants, allowing proliferation of good microorganisms to combat different pathogenic microbes inside any production or manufacturing facility.

CHC Agritech Activator can be used as general cleaning agent. Can also be used as hand and egg sanitizer to prolong shelf life of eggs, lessen egg spoilage and egg exploders during the hatching stage. CHC Agritech Activator is very effective in controlling undesirable hatchery odors in receiving areas, egg cooling rooms, hatchers, general service sections and disposal areas.

Yes. CHC Agritech Activator can be used in bathing pets, preventing them from emitting foul odor coming from their skin and hair coat. CHC Agritech Activator can also be used in spraying on to wounds or cuts, making the healing faster than the normal process.

Yes. As long as soil is damp, or water is present for a minimum of 5 hours. But it is highly recommended to apply CHC Agritech Activator and CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend via sprayer to facilitate better distribution on target surfaces.

Yes. As long as surface of area is damp and water moisture is present or sustained for a minimum of 5 hours.

We do not recommend using both products at the same because of the specific nature of each product. The CHC Agritech Activator is used to decompose organic waste and in the case of planting crops, it is used in neutralizing harmful soil pathogens including micro seeds of weeds, harmful bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend on the other hand, supplies the soil with rich pure culture of beneficial microorganisms that the plant needs.

CHC Agritech Activator cannot kill the virus directly but can neutralize it by destroying the protein spikes (S-Protein) and some of the glycoprotein structure coat of the virus making its special attachment site on host target cells useless. This condition gives a better chance for the organisms not to contract any virus even the virus is present with the host organism. The special enzymes formulated into CHC Agritech Activator act on these glycoprotein coating that deactivates the viruses effectively.

A brand of CHC Agritech company, CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend is a combination of beneficial microorganisms that help restore and rejuvenate the soil, replenish lost microbes caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Farmer’s Friend brings back balance to the soil micro flora resulting to better nutrient uptake of plants and fortifying natural defense mechanisms that fights and repels pests and other diseases.

Developed in Japan, CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend is 100% organic and natural, completely safe for humans and animals.

The following are the recommended guides for the different plant/crop types. It is recommended that you also apply CHC Agritech Activator on transplanting hole five days before using CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend :

For field crops, leafy greens – it is ideal to apply CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend before planting, at vegetative stage before flowering, a week after fruit formation, and mid-fruit maturity.

For established tree and fruit crops – it is best to apply when no fresh or new leaves are visible; a week after new fruit buds have developed and just after harvest season. Repeat every month except during flower formation/development.

For transplanting of seedling trees or fruit crops – use about half liter to a liter of CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend depending n size of hole.

For ornamentals and flower-bearing plants – recommended to use in preparing soil or growing media after being treated with CHC Agritech Activator. Weekly application is also good but not during flowering stage. Best in tandem with CHC Agritech MaxiGrow because it could not only extend the flowering but encourages to flower early.

CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend is designed to be applied on soil or similar growing media. In SNAP, aeroponics, hydroponics or aquaponics, there is absence of soil or soil-like media. Instead these systems use primarily liquid components to grow the crops. Unless there are soil-like media that the plant can be anchored on like perlites, rockwool, sponge, coco peat, coco coir fibers, etc., CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend may be used to spray on these materials. It is highly recommended to use CHC Agritech MaxiGrow on SNAP, hydroponics, aquaponics or aeroponics set-up in conjunction with CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend.

SNAP meaning – Simple Nutrient Addition Program.

CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend cannot directly kill golden snails in rice fields instead it starves the golden snails. What CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend does is to make the rice plant’s stalks tougher becoming unacceptable/nonpalatable to golden snails. This condition will eventually force the golden snail population to starve and migrate to other rice plantation (not treated with CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend) or any adjacent vegetation which are more succulent and favorable for the snails to consume.

CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend can reduce the use of inorganic fertilizers by 60% up to 75%. If you are applying heavy inorganic fertilizers for a long time, you can do a 100% elimination of your inorganic fertilizer on the first use of CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend. Then can taper down your inorganic fertilizer use to 75%, then 50% till you reach 25% on your planting cycles. It is not recommended to do a 100% elimination of inorganic fertilizers

Basing from various field results in the last four years, CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend can increase production by 30% to as much as 80%.

You can skip the application of insecticides and herbicides if you are using CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend. This is because CHC Agritech Farmer’s Friend reinforces/enhances the plant’s natural defense mechanisms against natural pests and diseases and tolerate considerable damages caused by the plant’s natural enemies. This condition not only allows farmers to save on costly farm inputs but also help the environment in preserving biodiversity and chemical residue damage that affects the soil and water table.

CHC Agritech Aqualife is a brand of CHC Agritech company that are enzyme producing bacteria which help breakdown putrescible organic matter, improving overall quality of water and marine life. CHC Agritech Aqualife eliminates the pollutants in the water using powerful microbes and enzymes. As the water becomes clear and clean, it allows the growth of planktons and other beneficial microorganisms. Oxidation is increased in the bottom part of the pond minimizing fish mortality caused by oxygen loss.

It is proven to control bacterial disease in tiger prawns and other aquatic cultures. CHC Agritech Aqualife effectively eliminates toxic substances and pollutants in ponds thereby preventing the outbreak of disease. The enzymes also increase the health of the fish resulting to better quality and remarkable increase in harvest.

Yes. This is in fact encouraged because the mutual benefit on the tilapia growth of CHC Agritech Aqualife will also benefit the rice crop.

Yes. CHC Agritech Aqualife can be used in aquaponic systems. It is recommended to use CHC Agritech Aqualife in combination with river or pond water (using recommended rates) then gradually introduce the mixture to the aquaponics system. Introduce 10% of the aquaponics volume every week for 4 weeks.

CHC MaxiGrow is a brand of CHC Agritech company that is a special type of fertilizer, formulated to be sprayed onto the foliage or directly on the plants’ leaves and for this reason it is called “Foliar Fertilizer”. The unique ingredients such as Humic and Fulvic acids provide nutrients that pass through the leaves not necessarily going through the conventional way via the soil.

MaxiGrow strengthens not only the whole plant but also its natural way of fighting diseases and pests because it boosts the natural defense inherent in plants. CHC Agritech MaxiGrow also enhances the synthesis of essential plant-based elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).

Strong resistance to plant disease and pests, rapid growth, robust leaf growth, early flowering, and fruiting are just some of the main benefits of using CHC Agritech MaxiGrow.

Yes. CHC Agritech MaxiGrow can be applied in SNAP, aeroponics, hydroponics or aquaponics systems, spraying directly on to plant’s foliage. The unique formulation of CHC Agritech MaxiGrow allows air nitrogen to be used by plants efficiently. Other micro and macro nutrients essential for plant growth absorbed from the roots are also maximized by the foliar nature of this type of fertilizer. Photosynthetic and other plant physiological functions are enhanced by the special fulvic and humic acid molecules.

Humic acids are complex molecules that exist naturally in soils, peats, oceans and fresh waters. The one source of humic acids are the sedimentation layers referred to as Leonardite. Humic acids increase the water infiltration and water-holding capacity of the soil. They greatly improve the soil, increase plant root growth and metabolism, enhance seed germination, and help plants deal with environmental stresses. They remove odors in slurry and compost piles and keep irrigation lines clean.

Technically, for unhydrated or unopened pouches of CHC Agritech MaxiGrow, there is no expiration. Still, the company is setting a three-year expiration date just to document the manufacturing dates of the product.

Fulvic acid is a yellow-brown substance found in natural material such as bogs, shilajit (a sticky substance found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas), soil, peat, coal, and bodies of water such as streams or lakes. Fulvic acid is formed when plants and animals decompose. It is non-toxic. It is a powerful organic electrolyte. It enhances cell division and elongation. Root growth is magnified with obvious benefits. As a foliar spray, fulvic acid increases the plant’s oxygen uptake capacity with an associated increase in chlorophyll production and an increase in the permeability of plant membranes, improving the uptake of nutrients. It has a unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements. This feature has tremendous import for fast-tracking the plant availability of rock minerals, i.e., rock phosphate and lime; are just some of the many benefits of fulvic acid.

Agritech General Protocol

We have 3 products that work as a complete system – the CHC Japanese Nanotechnology System. We recommend the following products and protocol:
1. CHC Activator – sprayed directly on soil and applied after land preparation. Purpose is to neutralize the soil pH, kill soil pathogens and parasites especially its eggs.
2. CHC Farmer’s Friend – sprayed directly on soil. Applied 5 days after CHC Activator. Introduces friendly microbes into the plantation. Displaces the bad microbes, improves soil-plant interdependence, improves soil biome, improves nutrient availability on plants, chelates salts and metals in soil.
3. CHC Maxigrow- sprayed directly on foliage/leaves. Timing is when 5+10 leaves are out. Can be repeated in an interval of 15-20 days. Maxigrow contains highly bioavailable NPK, fulvic acid and humic acid. The fulvic acid bridges all the inorganic NPK through the leaves including the humic acid. This foliar fertilizer has the ability to protect the crop from both drought and water logged situations, quicken plant maturation, improve the quality and quantity of harvest, and enhance genetic potential of crops.

Please note that you can reduce use of inorganic fertilizers by 50% and use of agro-chemicals by 80% to 100%.

By field experience, production quality and quantity improves by about 20%-80%. Crop development and postharvest quality is also positively influenced by the CHC Japanese Nanotechnology System.

Application Rate:
1kilo of any CHC product covers 1hectare.

100g covers 1,000sqm

More videos on our official YT channel: www.youtube.com/c/chcagritech/videos

Spraying is a farm activity that needs some planning and good timing to get the job done. The best time to spray especially during rainy season is during early morning when chances of raining are very slim. You should also consider if there is a weather front or any kind of weather disturbance present during the week or day. You need to have at least 12 hours of plant exposure with the foliar fertilizer to get optimum/desired results. In case rain fell before that 12-hour window, you can repeat the activity, but you can use half the dose instead. Again, plan your spraying activity well.

There is no overdose in using CHC Agritech products. Depending on how your budget or finance will permit, CHC Agritech products are very safe to handle and to apply on animals or plants no matter what the frequency of use you administer.

CHC Agritech products contain a unique blend of beneficial microbes consisting of 4 bacteria, 8 fungi and 9 enzymes that can be used in different applications in agriculture, aquaculture, animal production, environmental sanitation, water and solid waste management. It is the only known product that was formulated to contain these essential components in a single brand. Developed by Dr. Tetsuo Kamekawa using advanced Japanese technology, he meticulously selected the best beneficial microorganisms from Japan and endemic microbial species in the Philippines to come up with a champion product brand. CHC Agritech microbial inoculants, one brand, 21 beneficial components, best value for your money.

The average shelf life of unopened CHC Agritech products is about three years.

Bank to bank, online banking, and money-sending services. We will add more payment methods in the future. COD (cash on delivery) and COP (cash on pick-up) are temporarily stopped because shipping companies are taking a longer time to remit customer payment back to our company.

HANDLING is the cost of labor, services, and other incidental cost like communications (SMS, calls, etc.), shuttle, ferrying or other public transport fares, in preparing and moving the merchandise prior to shipping. SHIPPING fee is the cost of moving the merchandise from supplier to buyer such as the delivery or courier services.

You can directly purchase products through our official websites (www.chcagritechint.com/store or at www.store.classiqueworld.com or at www.facebook.com/chcagritechint.com ). All orders made on or before 5pm for all websites and orders through phone calls, emails, or SMS, shall be processed the following day. No reversal of orders once item has been processed.

Yes. In case there is a product defect during shipping, buyer bears the cost of shipping and handling fees back to sender. Buyer will get a replacement of the product free of charge, as long as the problem is not a result of buyer’s misuse and mishandling of the product. We at PetAgriVet make sure all items are checked and inspected before sending it to our clients.

To become a legitimate Independent Distributor (Dealer) of CHC Agritech products, you must register using the OFFICIAL APPLICATION FORM, and pay P8,500 in exchange for the actual product you can sell (with net profits ranging 30%-40%); The payment comes with an E-COMMERCE REPLICATED WEBSITE, where you can now share or sell products not only CHC AGRITECH but, all products of CLASSIQUE WORLD INTERNATIONAL. Through the e-commerce website, you can order your restocking, manage your own members, and create sales not only in the Philippines but also in other countries such as USA, AUSTRALIA and other countries (more countries to be added soon). Also as part of your registration you also get a distributor’s starter pack from the company.

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