CHC AGRITECH Probiotics Company Allies with Bauang, La Union versus African Swine Fever Battle

Bauang, La Union, PHILIPPINES, March 11, 2020 – CHC AGRITECH Technical Team headed by its Consultant, Edwin B. Espiloy recently invited by Municipality of Bauang, La Union for an emergency meet with their Municipal Agriculture Office headed by their Municipal Agriculturist, Mrs. Rebecca G. Sabado, on how they can pacify their community hog-raisers to remain calm and informed about the so-called “African Swine Fever Scare” last Tuesday, March 10, 2020. This happened after a news came out that alleged Bauang, La Union was a source of ASF-infected pigs.

Edwin B. Espiloy, CHC AGRITECH Consultant for Agriculture, during the emergency training seminar on African Swine Fever at Bauang Municipal Hall, after an alleged outbreak, March 11, 2020.
The training-seminar was attended by more than 100 participants comprising of backyard swine raisers.

CHC AGRITECH team held an awareness seminar entitled “Prevention and Management of African Swine Fever” focused on preventive measures on how both farmers and Local Government Units (LGU) can prevent ASF.  More than 100 attendees composed of backyard hog farmers and LGUs in Agriculture were enlightened on the proper protocols before, during and after ASF infection detection. Participants during the seminar were taught to use and properly apply probiotics in conjunction with effective implementation of biosecurity within their respective farms and communities. LGU leaders were also given alternative solutions in handling community biosecurity and effective crisis management in case an ASF epidemic happens.

(Pictured from left to right, front row: Bauang Cooperatives Head Coordinator and President Mrs. Estrella Campos (in white); Bauang Municipal Agriculturist Mrs. Rebecca G. Sabado; CHC AGRITECH Consultant for Agriculture – Edwin B. Espiloy (middle); Bauang SBM Warlito A. Daus, Jr. – Committee for Agriculture; CHC AGRITECH Center Operator – Amelia A. Espiloy; CHC AGRITECH Team Leader & Local Technicians Melvilyn T. Osorio & Roberto S. Osorio, respectively.)

It was a relief three days post seminar, African Swine Fever confirmatory test resulted NEGATIVE as conducted by the region’s Department of Agriculture Field Office Laboratories.  Local Government of Bauang, La Union has committed to partner with CHC Agritech to further enhance their biosecurity measures by incorporating the use of probiotics within their locale.

Probiotics are live bacteria and/or fungi naturally-occurring in soil or animals that provide health benefits by restoring the flora of the animal’s gut or soil, improving growth, production, strengthens immunity/resistance; and are considered generally safe to consume or to handle.

CHC AGRITECH, a 100% Filipino-owned biotech distribution company established in 2016, is a division of Classique Herbs Corporation which has been distributing quality health and wellness products since 2002. Product brands like CHC FARMER’S FRIEND, CHC ACTIVATOR, CHC PROBIOTIC, and CHC AQUALIFE are recently becoming popular among waste management groups, agricultural farmers, aquaculture enthusiast, poultry and livestock producers nationwide.

An Information Caravan in Regions I, II, III, and CAR is currently being made by CHC AGRITECH as part of the company’s aggressive campaign in increasing consciousness in applying probiotics on matters of water and solid waste management, crops, aquaculture, poultry and livestock. According to CLASSIQUE WORLD and CHC AGRITECH Marketing Director, Mr. Jaysrel “Jay” C. Corpus, “CHC AGRITECH is stepping-up its global presence as part of the company’s goals this year”.

Japanese microbiologist and enzymologist Dr. Tetsuo Kamekawa, inventor of CHC products, has formulated a very powerful unique combination of bacteria, fungi and enzymes designed to deliver remarkable results in the niche of probiotics in the Philippines. Dr. Kamekawa was one of the active partakers in the clean-up movement during the 2006 Guimaras oil spill in Panay Gulf. It was in that episode the doctor demonstrated the power of his product, leading to the immediate recovery of the Panay shores, mangroves, corals and other sea ecosystems. CHC AGRITECH products are now available through CHC AGRITECH’s recently launched online store.  It is also available from exclusive agri-agro store outlets and direct sellers throughout the Philippines. After sales services and technical support are also part of the company’s commitment to provide better customer care to its clients and partners.

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